Why Cannabis is considered as super food?

Just like green leaves, seeds also play major role as food item. The seeds which have nutritional aspects help to provide various health benefits. Hemp Seeds are considered as super food by many people. The hemp seeds come from the cannabis sativa which do not produce mind altering effect. Cannabis are said to be rich in protein, fiber and healthy fatty acids but they produce mind altering effect. They have anti-oxidants which are used in ailments that improves heart, joint pains etc.  The Cannabis seeds are little brown seeds which look the same but these speckled hulls hide hundreds of variations of plant. It is considered as on such kind of weed that contains THC. It varies as a seed from small as tomato seed or as big a pea. It cannot be crushed in between your hand. The outer shell is hard and it may grow to plant as marijuana plant which also has the same characteristics of cannabis seeds.  A marijuana plant produces thousands of cannabis seeds. It all depends on the pollination of the plant and size and how it grows as a complete plant. A seed is matured only when it is found brown with harder shell and with visible stripes.  Some of the points to ensure that cannabis seeds are in good condition:

  • Cannabis seeds are used to make hemp oils. These seeds and hemp has a great connectivity because hemp seeds are from cannabis basically.
  • Worldwide used for spiritual purposes. It is used in traditional Chinese medicines. It is also used as a sedative for pain relief and other causes.
  • Cannabis seed are used for decades. They can be stored upto 10 years of life period. They have the capacity to be stored for such a long time. The ancient people use to store it for decades and use it as the power might increase when you store it.
  • They contain vital, healthy nutrients.
  • They are used to deal with depression and anxiety as they contain psychoactive substance called THC.
  • Cultivation cannabis has expanded the consciousness of society by having different uses with one plant.

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